How to get your brand known in the press: 6 STEPS

Social media are powerful. Very powerful. We all know that. But most people still consider classic press as an authority, and your customer may too. Whether it be print magazines, online magazines or newspapers. Even if you focus mainly on social media to get people talking about your brand, it would be smart not to overlook the power of print media.

But how do you get your brand into print media?

Step 1: Find out which media your customers consume

When you know your customers well, it’s easy to find out which magazines they read or which websites they surf. If you don’t know who your customers are, we recommend you make take a close look at your current customers/your ideal customers and try to find out as much as possible about them. How old are they? Are they a woman/man? Do they own a business or work as an employee? Do they have children? Are they struggling with financial issues or are they wealthy? Did they go to college? Or did they not finish high school? The more you know about your customer, the easier this gets.

Step 2: Find out in which section your product/service would fit. Then note who creates content for this section.

Consume the same media that your customer consumes. Try to get into their world and find out in which sections your product/service would be a great fit. Consume as much as you can to make sure it’s worth your time and efforts. Then note who created content for this section. It is usually a journalist or an editor.

Step 3: Connect with these journalists/editors on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Most of the time, journalists are freelancers and therefore have a personal brand in order to sell their articles/content. They are easy to find on LinkedIn and Instagram! Connect with them and engage, engage, engage. But make sure your engagement is 100% sincere. Find common ground. Do they have a dog? Talk about how much you love dogs! Do they have kids? Connect over kids-stories. Don’t comment just to comment and engage. You want to build a solid relationship and there is no way of faking that. A healthy relationship is very sustainable.

Make sure to connect with them as much as you can. That way they will for sure know who you are, at least after a while. Be careful not to come across as a stalker. Find a good balance there!

Step 4: Send them your product or invite them to experience your service.

After a few weeks/months of engaging and at the point where the journalist has taken interest in you and your product: feel free to send them a casual package with your product or invite them to experience your service. Make sure to address the package directly to them. Magazine/newspaper offices usually have a room full of gifts that they pile on top of each other. But if you address your package to your contact directly, they will be really flattered.

TIP: Make your package as personal as possible. Make a beautiful handwritten card and make sure to include their first name. Over-do the package with candy, confetti, balloons or whatever. The crazier the package, the more they will remember. 

Step 5: Reap what you’ve sown

You may not reap the benefits of your actions soon, but at this point you’re basically friends with your press contact. If ever something comes up, they will contact YOU. Your brand is sitting at the top of their mind and you will be the first they contact when they need props or want to make new content.

Step 6: Keep it going

Remember to keep doing this. Keep investing in your press relationships. They can make a huge difference for you and your brand.

What is your way to engage with the press?

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