4 ways to get inspired as a creative entrepreneur

Even the most creative amongst us can sometimes suffer creative blocks, whether it’s because you’ve worked too hard without a break and are burning out, or the creative juices just aren’t flowing. For most of us, it’s not such a big deal – but for creative entrepreneurs whose businesses rely on their creative new designs, the dreaded creative block can be a major source of anxiety. We asked Jessica to share her words of wisdom for staying inspired as a creative entrepreneur…

Look for inspiration in unexpected places

Since Antwerp Avenue focuses on celebrating women’s empowerment, Jessica looks to what’s happening around us when it comes to designing new collections. “I try to observe friction in today’s society and get inspired by that – and by friction, I mean things like the perception of women in business”, she explains. She then comes up with “funny and recognizable situations” upon which to base her designs, usually relating to the experiences of female businesswomen, aka #girlbosses. Jessica points out that while TV series do play a big role in inspiring her, it’s actually “other artists, social media, society and the news” which play a bigger role in the creative process.

Give the people what they want

If you’re struggling for inspiration, try designing from the point of view of your target audience. Jessica says that “whatever subject is ‘alive’ among my followers and customers could be a good starting point”, so stay plugged in to your market and don’t be afraid to ask for continuous feedback. After all, you’re designing for them – and as Jessica points out, her customers “really make up a huge part of the brand”!

Don’t overthink it

If you’re in the middle of a creative block, try not to beat yourself up about it. Sitting at your desk desperately trying to come up with ideas could actually be doing you more harm than good, and “I get most inspired when I’m having fun or when I’m doing something completely different – then the creative juices start flowing!”, Jessica points out. It’s also a good idea to take a notebook with you in case you’re struck with sudden inspo – or failing that, your iPhone notes. Jessica explains that “I write down everything in the Notes app on my phone, and when I’m ready to make a collection I take out all the ideas – I come up with a lot of trash, but some of it is really good and then I just start drawing!”.  

Get inspired through social media

For all its flaws, social media can be an amazing source of inspiration when you’re in need of a kick start. Jessica’s favourite accounts? “They’d be @plastikmagazine, @lizzie_darden, @candyforniastudio, @studiodiy and @jeffmindell – they are all so innovative and colourful, and all hardworking artists”. So there you have it – if the creative juices aren’t flowing, don’t sweat it, and keep your eyes peeled for inspiration in the everyday.  


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